Been meaning to post some pics of painted stuff for a while now but having only been managing a dwarf per week of late – none of them based- there’s very little progress to share. I’m not usually one to crow about finding stuff on eBay at a steal, or being showy generally, however I couldn’t resist today.

Just got back from the Hammerhead show in Newark where we mainly circled the bring and buy tables like buzzards. We failed to play any games, didn’t take any photos and failed to give any hardworking retailers our cash. This has to be the worst show review ever, i know. What we did do was have a great old rummage in boxes of metal and plastic and I have to say a big thank you to Phil who managed to bag me this pair of beauties for fifteen quid for the pair – before I even got to the show. Result!

One Dwarf King’s Council and two Dwarf Bat Riders. A fine car boot indeed.