I was going to post a reply to a piece on another blog when Google+ decided to not let me post a comment. Spurred on by my frustration at not being able to voice something, I thought I’d post my thoughts here where my regular readers (thank you both) could consider and respond if you were so arsed… Anyways…

There seems to be some hand wringing, brow furrowing and general loss of sleep over whether what some folks play can be considered Oldhammer or not. Really? If ‘oldhammer’ is defined by the spirit in which you play a game, what the hell does it matter?

If you’re playing with figures that you love, be they metal, plastic or bloody paper counters…what does it matter? If you care greatly for the world/milleau that your version of nostalgia is set in (and all our nostalgia’s are different, its just that they all interlap like a Venn diagram – some bits are real to you and you alone) then just strap that setting to your chosen rule set. To fret over the fact that the 2nd or 3rd edition ruleset that the 15 year old version of you knew inside-out but that the 40+ version of you can’t be arsed with gets in the way of your enjoyment… Jettison it.

If your old school figures (eg. The late 80s dwarf gyrocopters, a jabberwocky, a zombie dragon…) don’t exist in your chosen rulset (eg Kings of War)…well just agree some stats with your fellow gentleman (or lady) gamers and just bloody get on with.


Life is too frigging short to obsess over whether something is one thing or another. Just get a ruleset, agree what your chosen world/campaign setting is, agree some stats if you need to and then get some beloved lead and plastic on the table and have fun with friends.


Because the rest of it just doesn’t matter.