What? Kings Of War version 2 measures regiments, units and hordes by base size rather than number of figures. Realising that my dwarf artillery is neutered to a degree, my new tactic is to throw numbers at the problem. The five of you reading this may recall that I bought a hundred of the EM4 plastic remakes of old Grenadier dwarfs a while back and without trimming off the bases, 21 of the little fellas fit snugly on a base made for 80. Feels like cheating but it may be my best quick-paint way to stem the tide of cavalry coming at me.

With speed in mind I also decided to drop the usual painting standard and I’m actually pretty pleased with the result considering that it involved just a black undercoat, metal dry brush, brown spears and boots and a grey drybrush for the beards. The whole lot were blue tacked to a big piece of cardboard and bulk painted while the kids watched a couple of Disney films. Result! 

Goes completely against my instinct of each dwarf unit having some character but…times are hard and the elves and undead aremassing for another assault…getting a horde of spears on the field for about four quid and three hours painting? Time to love plastic and half arsed painting…