I’ve  really enjoyed reading a myriad of blog posts over the last few days  that have reviewed the year, reflected on projects finished and counted up the paintjobs. Having thrown the majority of my energy (and eyestrain) into a new job since September, my painting output as slowed to a near hault. With a week off over Christmas and a 200+ dwarf backlog I had grand plans…so its time to do my own bit of reflection:

Units painted in the last week? Squat, and I don’t mean in a stunty way. I managed to undercoat a horde of spear-dwarfs and take a couple of pictures…and that’s it.

Real world stuff accomplished? Tons. Paid off two credit cards? Check. Set up an ISA? Uh huh. Got around to getting glasses that I knew that I needed for the last decade? Yup. Lost my temper with the kids several times a day? Full marks. Given the car its bi-annual wash? Oh yeah.

So, hobby 0, real life 10. Frustrated? Nah, not really. Having a massive lead n plastic pile to keep me busy in 2016 is pleasing. And having got round to getting glasses, I may actually paint the pile before my eyes give out…

So, with my theme in place ,here are the pics of the only painting that I managed in about three and a half months!

Remember the garishly coloured plastic things that I picked up from the Poundshop? I present my stone golems for Kings o’ War. Dark grey basecoat, dark wash, light grey drybrush and done!

And my other achievement? Admittedly, they’re not even based…four Kev Adams dwarves:

And that, ladies and gents, is it. As for new year resolutions, I’m going with wearing glasses, drinking less and seeing what happens…wish me luck.