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operation warboard cover 2When I was first introduced to wargaming, it was using the Operation Warboard rules and Airfix plastic model tanks – not the kits, but the ready-built soft plastic ones- do you remember those?

It was very much ‘Green vs Grey’ tank battles , so it tended to be a mix of Pattons, Shermans and Centurions vs Tigers and Panthers. What can I say? I was young…but equally it was a lot of fun.

Airfix 1/72 scale soft plastic Tiger Tank Airfix 1/72 scale soft plastic Tiger Tank

A couple of years later I was playing ‘proper’ World War II games, using the same rules and lots of 1/72nd Airfix infantry and tanks…and it remained that way until I discovered Dungeons & Dragons and Games Workshop.

On Thursday, I had an e-mail from Chris Birch at Modiphius Entertainment, announcing the launch of a new Airfix wargaming project: Airfix Battles

airfix battles 1

This is a new, introduction level wargame, using playing…

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