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This little selection turned up in the post the other day and I wasted no time in getting the undercoat on. These are Ral Partha dwarfs sculpted by Kev Adams. I know that Mr Adams is best known as the Goblinmaster, but on the evidence of these guys, I think that his dwarf work is under-rated.

Off at a tangent, but worth a mention – I purchased these from Twisted Pinnacle and I wanted to sing their praises. While I’d ordered some Reaper Bones figures at the same time, it was all out of stock which prompted a really fast refund, an apologetic email, and a complimentary pack of Haribo sweets in the package with the dwarfs as a way of saying sorry. To top this, when they managed to locate one of the mins that I wanted to order, hiding in a stock area that it shouldn’t be(!), they contacted me to let me know. Whilst we all long for an analogue world where we go into a local games shop, receive top notch customer service and a sense that the retailer gives a flying f*** for our custom, in my experience this rarely happens. However, its also extremely rare that I feel like a valued customer  who receives a tailored service from an on-line retailer and I really have received this from Twisted Pinnacle. I’ve purchased a boardgame for £80 in a physical shop where I go regularly and have received barely a grunt of acknowledgement, and yet here I’ve been treated as a valued customer even though the mini in question was valued at about £2.50. Hence, I’m bigging them up here, and will definitely be giving them repeat business.

Now back to dwarfs! Bar the basing (basing…grr…a chore) this bunch are nearly ready to go to war. For a plastic kit with limited posing I’m happy with how they turned out. The front rank has a bit of a last supper vibe – or is it just me?

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Right…off to write my shopping list for the Derby Worlds show this weekend. Toodle pip!