So,  what started life as an unwanted 40k Chimera (thanks Phil!) has transformed into a Dwarf tank. Possibly the easiest paint job that I’ve done. Grey undercoat, dark brown wash, stipple on orange, a dash of the Citadel “Called something dramatic but basically vedigre effect” stuff and a dry brush of brass and yer done. Add on one drink-driving berserker and a couple of hand painted advertising boards, cotton wool for steam and its ready for battle.

I’ve seen on blogs that the Behemoth at 200 points isn’t worth the cost. On last night’s performance I’d disagree. It made a mess of the elf left flank. While my imbibing a pint of coke, eating biscuits and a run of double ones rolled by t’other side helped turn the battle in my dwarves’  favour the hulking booze-fueled wagon did it’s bit..




After! Rear guns removed to allow the steam to escape, front machine gun removed to change the feel from Grimdark Dystopian Future ™ to allow for a whimsycal fantasy vibe. Advertising hoarding inspired by Viz comic (“Smoke Tabs”). Turret converted with a 2 litre coke bottle top to give it a mid 30’s Italian vibe and a super glue cap added to the gun to give it some ‘umf’. And yes, the exhaust was a Citadel paint pot. Steam provided by ‘cotton wool balls’ from Boots The Chemist.


The Driver. Mad Bob Two-Pints-No-Chasers


Steaming into action prior to rolling over a unit of elf cavalry


Tomorrow…more dwarfs!