I’d planned to stick up some before and after pics of my Dwarf Behemoth conversion but that’ll have to wait as as I just can’t be arsed  (I’m on my second humungous vodka and tonic, winding down from a massive Dwarf vs undead/elf alliance victory. So instead here are a couple of pics of two of five artillery units that were fielded tonight. I’ve gone for a mini-diorama feel on my big guns. Trees courtesy of a man that has a model railway stall on Loughborough market on a Friday, stones from my garden, hilly bits sculpted up from a combo of green stuff and floor tiles!

Old pre slotta as featured in the main blog photo with some green-stuffed toadstools!
Mantic organ gun and crew with an Asgard pre slotta as the warsmith to make the thing actually hit stuff!

Tomorrow…a dwarf tank and maybe some random PIC from tonight’s battle…