Saw this listing on Ebay, made me laugh…

It’s only funny ’cause it’s true.

Original listing is at

And it reads like this…

warhammer snotling OOP 1980’s exclusive only hundreds of thousands ever made!!

This is a very rare and exclusive Warhammer snotling figure. There were only ever hundreds of thousands of these produced and just about everyone bought them but i think because i’ve had the paint stripped off and i’ve kept it in a box in my loft for twenty years, it must be worth at least AT LEAST  £2million! yes £2,000,000.00 folks and that is a bargain – rarer than hell itself!! however there is £109.99 postage as it will cost at least AT LEAST 79p to send it after i’ve bought the envelope and spent all my precious miserable time trudging around to the post office to post it and my time is worth at least £110 for 5 minutes.

get a bargain – i can guarantee this is an original item – i dont sell fakes – check out my feedback. i’m always selling worthless miniatures for a fortune!!

oh yes one more thing i forgot to mention – unfortunately the snotling is missing it’s arms and legs and there isn’t any snot. 

see my other listings for other mass produced items that really aren’t worth anything but which i think people will pay millions for!! why because im a loser! with a capital L for ‘Loser’. 

i will add some more photos soon i cant seem to get the photos to upload properly but you can just see the edge of the paper the figure is sitting on.

happy bidding!