Hello hello

So, another couple finished off for my Circle force – a sentry stone to go with the mannekins and a unit leader for my black green-clads. Hurrah! Just the Lord of The Feast left to paint up before trying out some practice moves and tactics on the dining table to hopefully avoid getting my ass seriously whipped later…Getting on for 100 points of mean-ness and I still can’t play for toffee.


I’m mid way through a unit of Alternative Armies beserkers so I’ll get pics up of those when I’ve got a few finished. In the meantime, another project…all hail the Poundshop…

To the untrained eye, this looks like a really cheap child’s toy. And you’d be right.


Buy two of them, however and you’re onto something. Disregard the way, way outta scale furniture and you get:


See where I’m going with this?


A little bit of cutting, filing, spray paint and I think we’ve cracked it. A few of these and you’ve got a small town to destroy for a the cost of a round of drinks. Happy times. I’ll stick up a photo when I’ve managed to get time to paint the bugger.

And finally, I’ve just been persuaded (didn’t take much doing) to dive into 1:72 scale WW2 gaming. First purchase tonight:

And in the spirit of going off half-cocked…we’ve yet to dig out any rules! So, can anyone recommend a decent set of cheap/free/homebrew WW2 rules suitable for 1:72/1:76 scale that ideally are dead simple? Flames Of War just seems a wee bit complex – trust me, I have a swiss-cheese memory. Any thoughts welcome.

Ta ra a bit.