Father’s Day 2013. “What would you like?” asks Other Half. “Dunno, I’ll have a look on ebay – how much can I spend?” Pressies are always a good excuse to avoid getting outbid. Image

On this occasion I picked up an old Citadel pre slotta Air Elemental which has taken ages to paint for two reasons: 

1. I mostly paint at night by headlamp (£3.99, B&Q – heavily recommended if your living room is low-lit and you tend to paint in the evening while the missus catches up with Eastenders). It’s one of those models that really demands natural light to paint. Getting the spit/paint ratio right just wouldn’t happen by lamplight.

2. To be honest, the figure intimidated me. Does anyone else find that this happens? Some figures just demand a good run up and the right frame of mind. Just me? Whatever.

Anyways, here he is. Not quite finished but some models never are. Happy with the green stuff work on the base to add to the swirl effect. Might still add some spit and paint. We’ll see.