Prompted by Coop, got thinking about two things…

1. Giving your local game shop a shout-out. Tabletop Tyrant ( in Leicester; gaming tables, stocking the usual (Hordes, Warmachine – Warmahordes, or as it’ll never catch on, Hormachine, X wing etc) but also Ral Partha minis, and friendly staff to boot. Glad to give ’em a plug and hope they turn up in search engines and get some outta town visitors.

2. Since GW have started doing White Dwarf weekly, has anyone else started to observe that more folks are now going into the shops, chatting to the staff and shock horror…buying stuff? Maybe it’s just a Leicester thing. The nostalgic in me is glad. I still bugger off down to Tabletop Tyrant and buy their stuff at a discount, mind.