So…a bit controversial but…

Warhammer Visions…I sort of, maybe…erm…like it?

Yes, it’s seven quid. Yes, some of the pics have been recycled. Yes, there are way too many pictures of f***in tyranids. Yes, it’s one big advert for Citadel that you pay for. Yes, you can find decent pics of great paintjobs on the web without paying for them.

But…flicking thorough the magazine on the bog this morning I actually got the same buzz from looking at pics of well painted miniatures that I got when I flicked through early White Dwarfs in the mid 80s, looking at Tabletop Heroes.

I admit that I prefer print over digital. I appreciate that producing a magazine of quality photography isn’t cheap. Looking past the reservations above, and yes, the reality of being sold to, I really enjoyed the view. Tons of pics, lots of ‘how can I replicate that effect’ or ‘wow – ace paintjob’ moments, plus – as my missus pointed out – the magazine smells really nice. Maybe I’ve been sniffing the dettol too much but I even thought that the text being in French and German lent the thing a bit of sophistication too.

As miniatures porn – and WD only really had that going for it anyway – it wasn’t that bad. Just don’t expect decent text/editorial – now that really was shite.