Well, a belated happy new year to yer. Looking around my blog feed, some folks seem to be concentrating on targets ahead for the year. Sad as it is to admit, as a 40+ dad of two with work, commuting, too many OCDs to prevent me coping with a two yr old reducing the living room to looking like we’ve been burgled on a daily basis and the guilt of seeing a tired partner watching me come home at 9pm after an evenings’ gaming…I’m not able to immerse myself in other worlds to the extent I’d like to. In an ideal world, I’d be committing to gaming weekends, taking part in tournaments, painting up armies in record time. As it is, I’m setting me targets low…

1. Finish writing and run a much threatened Cthulhu game set during WW1. It’s been half written for months – sorry Phil, sorry Leo. Best of intentions and all that…

2. Paint at least a couple of more units for my dwarf army. Warhammer 2nd edition rules? Check. Loads of dwarfs? Check. Amount painted? One 20 strong unit of one-handed weapons & shields and a bombard crew. There are over 100 sitting in the un-painted pile now and it’s getting me down.

3. Paint a few more figures for my Hordes Circle force and actually have a game. And actually remember the basic rules – that’d be a start.

4. Maybe, just maybe, manage to turn up for an X Wing game. It takes minutes to learn, minutes to set-up, minutes to play and yet months to actually make a game.

5. And after I’ve achieved 1-4, maybe run a Runequest campaign. We can all dream.

6. Get round to playing Necromunda.

7. Invent a way of slowing down time to make sure 1-6 actually happen.

Here’s hoping. Ramble over – I’ll resume showing pics of painted dwarves just as soon as I find time between child care crises to take the bloody photos…