The holy grail…a day off and peace and quiet! Other than a few chores (must go up into the loft at some point…), time for a spot of painting. In preparation I managed to finish up and base the final straggler from the now complete 20-strong one handed weapon/shield unit of dwarves:


This is an Imperial Dwarf that I picked up and painted when I first returned to gaming about two years ago. He’s had the Dettol bath & scrub and re-painted in the blue livery  – a scheme that having become sick of, I’m sure to apply to two other units (spears and one-handed weapons). Sucker for punishment.

In the meantime though, here’s what I’ve prepped with white undercoat and dark wash for this afternoon’s painting:


The bombard crew! So Very Oldhammer, I can’t wait. However, with Second Child due to appear in a week, I may still be painting these in 2014. Wish me luck…