A few months ago I started building a dwarf army. Ostensibly this was with a view to playing some 2nd edition Warhammer games (how are those skeletons getting on, Leo?). However, it’s also partly ’cause I’m a sucker for dwarves and partly to fill the dwarf-shaped gap in my soul which resulted from me letting my miniatures collection go over 20 years ago. Amid the haul that I gave away I had a couple of flame cannons, a bolt thrower and a gyrocopter. Given that the prices on ebay for these pieces have hit daft levels (for me that means over a tenner) and with no sign of bottoming out, I’d knocked the artillery idea on the head. However, when the time came for Other Half asking what I wanted for me birthday… My ‘over-a-tenner’ rule went out of the window. And fickle fellow that I am, adhering to the 2nd edition feel (is that ‘Very Oldhammer’?) I went further back than the Imperial-feel pieces and picked up this lovely piece of dwarfy goodness – a pre slotta bombard with five crew…so 1984!


The question now is what the hell to paint next (see previous post!)..